Exhibition: Mario Testino ‘No Limits’


The Mario Testino 'No Limits' exhibition in Copenhagen is unlike any other fashion photography exhibition.

The exhibition presents a unique selection of works by Mario Testino, covering more than 20 years of his career. Raised in Peru, Testino is one of the global fashion world's most demanded photographers, as he expresses his photographic characteristics of emanates energy, sex and glamour.

The No Limits exhibition explores his multi-faceted approach to portraiture through three chapters, displayed on three floors.

Countless of his work for brands, such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace and Burberry, was displayed, as well as his work for global fashion publications, like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

The carpets of the staircase are designed by Mario Testino, with quotes, as:

"Photography is for me a vehicle to live a new moment, to go to a new place to meet a new person."

The exhibition visit was incredibly inspiring contextually. There was a unique energy in the bright rooms, as each of the photographs stood out in its own way.


Article by juliana

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