Macro Trend: Fashion Apps That Connect People


Incredibly innovative apps that connects fashion enthusiasts

Following up on last week's post on connectivity, I created a list of fashion community and service apps, which you have probably never heard about, but have brilliant concepts in relation to connectivity.

1. Pose

Pose is similar to Instagram, in the same way that you can post and tag photos, yet this app is strictly focusing on fashion. You can search for brands, styles, inpiration, bloggers and designers.

2. Stylebook

This app allows you to create your virtual closet and create virtual looks. The app also features a functional feature, which is to add items in your closet to your packing list - allowing users to pack efficiently for a holiday. Partnered with ShopStyle the app also has a handy shopping feature.

3. Stylect

Stylect is called "Tinder for shoes.", as that is essentially the concept. The app lets you swipe between shoes that you like and dislike to help you find the perfect style match.

4. Mallzee

Mallzee is a fashion app that allows users to share items they like with their friends, who give feedback through the app, in the form of up- and down-votes. Users can also seek advice from Mallzee’s styling team. The concept here is to create a community that gives users honest opinions

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