Macro Trend: What is Connectivity?


I conducted a small interview to find out what meaning of connectivity is.

I find connectivity in relation to fashion fascinating. Billion of people connecting through and with fashion in today's 21st century. This naturally includes technology and new forms of communicating, which is just as an exciting aspect.

In relation to one another, this creates the possibility to share and connect with fashion through technology.

For me, connectivity in relation to fashion sees the ways we connect through and with fashion. How fashion connects people, and brands connect with consumers.

I asked friends, family and acquaintances what connectivity meant to them, and these are the replies:


"I think connectivity is increasingly important sue to the small nature of the world - because of mass access to everything via technology."


"A global community."


"Having something in common."


"Human interactions and interesting conversations."


"Social media, music, communities and finding your soul mate."


"Friendship bracelets."

Article by juliana

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