Macro Trend: Why #Twinning is Winning

tommy hilfiger

This new trend takes an interesting spin on National BFF Day.

The so-called #Twinning trend has emerged from South Korea - a nation known for its K-pop culture, cosmetics industry and emerging fashion sector.

A couple of years ago, matching outfits would have seemed utterly unfashionable, whereas today, Twinning has never been chicer.

The trend drivers for this trend are fashion influencers, like Chriselle Lim, who is known for matching her outfits with her daughter, and the street style pair, Shea Marie and Diana Vreeland.

The trend is influenced by social factors and is being pushed through digital media. It is a counter trend of individualism, as this trend brings groups of people together.

It is an interesting trend that is mostly seen in street style during Fashion Week season, yet this season, the trend premiered on the runway at New York Fashion Week S/S 2017.

Tommy Hilfiger's #TOMMYNOW collection, designed in collaboration with Gigi Hadid, showed several Twinning pieces. So did Rebecca Minkoff, who premiered matching graphic leather jackets, and used the influencers, Chriselle Lim, Shea Marie and Diana Vreeland to push the trend forward.


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